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Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ 6:23 PM

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Friday, February 05, 2010 @ 2:44 PM

Image care of We♥It, from Enchanted

There is an abundance of good things in this world. While we may not agree upon the value of something unanimously, one persons trash can be another persons treasure easily. Humans want to be happy; we strive for betterance, provided it meets our personal morals and doesn't cross our moral boundaries.

However, there is still a stigma, markedly in the younger generations away from business life, or in the limelight of fame, about being "selfish". You know selfishness, everybody does. If you're a sympathetic person you probably frequently find it hard to make decisions to benefit yourself if it has any potential to harm someone else.

But what about those decisions that don't harm anybody in particular? Take, for example, having children because you simple want them, or wanting to look better for yourself? What about striving to improve your art, your voice --or any of your talents-- in the hope you'll one day be good enough to compete in the industry you endeavor to enter, when it's finally time to pack your bags and leave home to fend for yourself, away from college life and family comforts.

Everybody grows up, everybody wants different things, everybody wants to be happy. So what, therefore, are the limits to moral selfishness? What do you think, personally? Is it too much to want excitement, magic, adventure? Pointless contentedness, little comforts?

I was surprised when I found that a lot of people look down upon those who strive for their dreams and goals. I was actually quite appalled. On Lolita Charm, there was mention of a mother truly fearful that her child was interested in Disney princesses. I don't think I could ever live without hopes and dreams, and a little bit of magic to make me sparkle.

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Friday, January 22, 2010 @ 10:46 PM

from my tumblr

I love gal. New gal. I bought ageha and I want Popteen, and Egg. I love the grown up essence mixed with cute culture, I love the fun, carefree attitude. I love the look, the hair. I love the makeup. It's refreshing to be into trendy fashion, somehow, rather than freakish obscure, weird-looking fashion. There's something a little magical about looking normal, but a little unique at the same time.

If only people would stop whistling when I wear heels with a skirt... Oh well.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010 @ 12:56 PM
Lolita Level: 62!

Image care of We♥It

From Lolita Level Up! on Lolita Charm


✔You've been to egl.
✔You've posted on egl, without an onslaught of 'USE THE MEMORIES' and likewise.
✔You've bought a lolita mook.
✔You've picked a favorite brand.
✔You've ordered your first item.
✔You've worn a full outfit.
✔You've worn a full outfit out in public.
✔You've worn a full outfit and posted photos of it on the Internet.
✔You know what JSK, OP, and cutsew all mean.
✔You've bought your first brand piece.
✔You know your measurements.
✔You know you shoe size - in American, European, and Japanese.
✔You know who Mr. Yan is.
✔You know who Mana is. (+1 points if you know his band.✔ +2 points if you know his brand.✔ +3 points if you know why he's featured in every GLB. +4 if you have a shrine to him in your closet.)
✔You know who Maki and Asuka are. (+2 if you've met Maki and Asuka).
✔You've watched Kamikaze Girls. (+1 if you know the real name of this movie.✔ +2 if you know who wrote the book this was based on. +3 if you've also read the manga or novel. +4 if you love the author despite his criminal record✔).
You own a wig. (+1 if you own more than 2.)
You own a pair of falls.
You can identify lace on the spot.
You can identify an item's brand on the spot.
You can identify the year a dress was made by a specific brand on the spot.
✔You can name several different dresses or prints.
You answer stock photo requests.
You mod a lolita community.
✔You decorate your nails. (+1 if you wear fake nails.✔ +2 if you make fake nails.)
✔You own a pair of a rocking horse shoes. (+1 if you know their abbreviation.✔)
You've made your own rose corsage.
✔You've made anything out of your brand dress's waist ties.
You've made anything out of a matching eco tote. (+3 if you were the first one to do it, you think).
You know how to apply false eyelashes.
✔You know how to pronounce shirring.
✔You know how to pronounce Moi-meme-moitie, or Metamorphose tempes de fille.
✔You know a reliable shopping service.
You bid on Yahoo!Japan or Mbok.
✔You've been to a meetup.
✔You've planned a meetup.
You've planned a meetup with catering or more than 20 attendees.
You've met up with lolitas while on vacation to foreign or faraway locales.
✔You've seen a lolita fashion show.
You've seen a brand fashion show.
✔You've modeled in a lolita fashion show.
You've modeled in a brand lolita fashion show.
You wear bloomers.
You know how to make bloomers.
You tell other people to wear bloomers.
You draw lolita art, write a lolita blog, or provide the community with some sort of creative services.
✔You've taken purikura in lolita.
You've decorated your room/house/apartment in lolita style.
✔You've listened to lolita music.
✔You've learned kana.
You've learned enough Japanese to read a magazine.
You wear or own circle lenses.
✔You've been called a princess by a young child.
✔You've dressed up a friend.
You've convert a friend.
You've been in media (television, newspaper, magazine). (+2 points if it's Japanese media.)
You've learned a handicraft, like jewelry making, embroidery, or sewing.
✔You've become a lolita mentor.
✔You've attended lolita events at an anime or multi-genre convention.
You’ve organized or presented lolita events at a convention.
You've visited a brand shop.
Trip to Japan!
✔You've dressed up and gone out alone.
✔You're prepared for inclement or colder weather in lolita (coat, parasol, boots, gloves, other climate-specific items.)
You've learned face contouring.
You've made a lolita valentine.
✔You've got a lolita pen pal or online lolita friends.
✔You have local lolita friends.
You know how to modify clothes that don't fit you.
✔You know how to dress for your body type.
You've been in a street snap.
You've been to multiple world locations of the same brand store (BABY Paris, BABY Tokyo, BABY San Francisco, etc.)
You've created a makeup/hair/sewing tutorial.
You've sold hand-created lolita goods.
You have your own lolita fashion line.
You've gotten a lolita haircut, style, or color.
You've mixed other street fashions with lolita.
You've thrown a lolita party/had a lolita wedding.
You've dressed your child/small children in lolita or kodona style.
You've successfully cross-dressed in lolita style at least once (boystyle for girls and girls' clothing for guys).
✔You've lolified or made sure all the contents of your purse are cute (wallet, lipgloss, keyring, etc.)
You have a lolita pet (small dogs, cats, rabbits, exotic birds, fancy fish) or have dressed/accessorized your pet (bows or pet clothes).
✔You've dressed your significant other or dated someone who dresses in J-fashion/alternative fashion.
✔You've read Alice in Wonderland. (+1 if you've seen the animated movie or other variations✔, +2 if you've seen more than one variation, +3 if you own more than one variation)
You've dressed as Alice or another Wonderland character in lolita style, or own Alice themed items.
You've made something from a Japanese pattern.
✔You've found, bought, or made lolita underwear (bras and panties).
You wear lolita daily, or have gone 7 days straight wearing only lolita.
You have lolita calling cards or business cards.
You play a lolita instrument (i.e., piano, violin, harp, French horn... well any instrument really.)
✔You can translate yen to your country's currency in your head. (+1 if you can convert other currencies you shop with as well.✔ +2 if you read the news to know how the yen is doing.✔)
You've sold lolita clothing online (secondhand, egl_comm_sales).
Your article or entry has been put into the egl memories.
✔You take photos of your outfits/daily outfit photos.
✔You’ve posted to daily_lolita.
✔You own a petticoat. (+1 if you own more than one. +2 if you wear three or more at a time).
You’ve bought a lucky pack.
✔You keep a style diary or look-book.
You can put together an outfit made entirely from offbrand.
You’ve bought offbrand or non-Japanese brand.

Adorable Admirer (lvls 1 - 20) You've started studying or liking lolita but haven't taken that leap of faith yet. Good luck!

Resplendant Rufflebutt (lvls 21 - 40) At home within the land of the rufflebutts and spilling frills from every edge.

Victorian Maiden (lvls 41 - 60) A classy lolita of taste and experience, who knows her way around the lolita social set.

Starry Celebrity (lvls 61 - 80) On page six of the lolita world, you've risen to the ring of the upper crust.

Pretty Princess (lvls 81 - 100) Lolita royalty, truly versed in the ways of the lacey ones, the lolita princesses have achieved a special level of enlightenment.

Ultimate Lolita (Boss Fight!) (lvls 100+) Wow, you've gotten over 100 levels? You're the ultimate lolita with unlimited hitpoints. That's actually a little scary...

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Friday, January 01, 2010 @ 8:07 PM
Limit Lines

Image care of We♥It

Maybe it's just me, but I want to look nice, even in outlandish clothes and styles. If I know I look nice, I feel good.

Now, with that said - I don't like it when people tell me to "wear what I want" if I ask "does this suit me?", or "does this make my ____ look ____?"
Maybe it's a girl thing hammered into us from popular culture that feminism is rejecting or something, I don't know, but personally, when I ask those questions I am not fishing for compliments, I don't want to be told "it looks great!" if it doesn't - I want to pick things that flatter me.

If I love something but my figure, face or stature just doesn't do it justice, I'm quite happy admiring it on others rather than looking silly and lying to myself.

So, why do people swear by wearing what they want, even if it doesn't suit them?

To me, limitations like this don't feel awfully limiting, especially in a world that's beginning to encourage people to love the body they're in. Why have such double standards? To say love your body, but then encourage people not to flatter it? I suppose it relates to the business ideals in the West - sell, do what you can to sell, do what you have to to sell, lie to this person convincingly enough and they'll believe it themselves.

This feels more limiting to me, actually. It makes me feel like I can't trust people to give me their opinions. People are very sensitive to differing opinions and tact is a distant memory. Even I'm quite sensitive as I've fallen back into my safe zone, but if I try to get out there and ask people what they think, I wish they'd tell me.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009 @ 8:29 PM
Happy Holidays

Image care of We♥It

Christmas is fast approaching, isn't it? This year, Christmas feels nice to me. Last year's holidays had an odd feeling, tethered with confusion, lead with wariness; this year I feel at peace, contented, hopeful, cheerful, full of awe and thanks for everything around me.

I finished all my Christmas shopping earlier this week, all that's left is to wrap 2 presents and to send one out (it will be late, we've been experiencing postal strikes here as well). My exams finished in November so I've been free of study stress for a while now. I've been a lot happier and more balanced lately. Maybe it's the Holiday Spirit, I really like Christmas!

I've also been away from home a lot more, so I haven't blogged in a long time!

Favourite new clothing items:

I get compliments on this bag everywhere I go, lots of people have asked me where I got it, I almost feel bad for having to tell them I got it from Japan!
These mules are really gorgeous! The rose on top is a clip (but I daren't remove it...). I love wearing heels but I try not to wear high ones like this around my boyfriend so that I can be the shortie. I wear these when I walk alone so I can feel strong, confident and feminine. I think they're my first pink shoes, too! I usually go for white.
It's Summer here in Australia, but I was going ice skating and I didn't have cute gloves to wear so I picked these up (as well as some black ones) to dote at the rink. They're so soft and comfortable, I might go skating more this Summer so I can wear them! :P
This is my new FAVOURITE dress, it's absolutely gorgeous and a surprisingly pleasing floral (very rare, I think! Japan has been good for floral in my experience...), it's got halter straps that are removable to make a tube dress. I feel so carefree when I wear this dress around ♥

I also have a new favourite model. Her name's momoeri. I received my 2010 momoeri calendar today - it's gorgeous. Here's a peek:

March is my favourite in the whole calendar ♥!

But I STILL have much love for Tsubasa, of course.

I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions this month. I think 2010 will be a good year for me, and I noticed some things I need to improve on during my gift-buying attempts - such as observation. It's hard to pick up on pressie hints if you're not paying attention! So next year I'm going to be more active in keeping a diary with me while I"m out and at home to write down anything and everything I think will be useful. But first thing's first, I need to pay more attention. :P!

I really feel like 2010 will be a good year. 2009 was a year of learning for me, a year of growing up and gaining control.

What's the year been like for you? And what hopes do you have for 2010?

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @ 3:20 PM
Let's Play Pretend

I was introduced to an artist who, in turn, led me to find another. Her name is Lights. I've been listening to her album "The Listening" and a few songs popped out at me, but this one in particular makes me feel all nostalgic. It's called Pretend. All of the stanzas, really, seem so real to me.

Once in a while I act like a child, to feel like a kid again
It gets like a prison in the body I'm living in

I guess this, being the first part of the song, really caught my attention, because I really don't want to grow up. I can see how it opens up more freedoms but it also limits you. The "weight of the world" forces you to grow up, to abandon your childish dreams, to think logically, and there are consequences. It's selfish and immature of me, but I think that's something in my personal Princess ideal that I'm holding onto. To me princesses are carefree, gentle, kindhearted, free-spirited; to grow into a Queen is to take on more weight, to wear a heavy crown, to carry a scepter and wear a heavy fur cape, instead of a maiden's dress and a daisy chain crown on your head. I like my fantasy world, and I know I'll have to leave it more often soon, so it's more and more precious now.

It would be nice to start over again
Before we were men
I'd give, I'd bend, let's play pretend

I wish it weren't playing pretend; I wish things weren't looked down on for being childish just because children do them; I wish I could wear a dress with a bow and knee-socks and mary janes, and not be accused of trying to reconnect with my childhood - I'm not reconnecting, I'm just not willing to take myself so seriously that I leave behind the special acceptance I had as a child. It isn't a childish trait, is it: acceptance? Freedom? I don't want to be seen as playing dress-ups, just because I appreciate an aesthetic people have left behind.

Remember the times we had soda for wine,
and we got by on gratitude
The worst they could do to you was check your attitude

Peer pressure. It's so restricting. You get an offer to go out for coffee or "a drink" and suggest something simpler, less harmful, like a milkshake or hot chocolate, and people roll their eyes or chuckle. It's expected that you take advantage of your age, act your age. I don't appreciate being expected to do something just because everyone else is doing it. Don't people tell you when you're little not to do what everyone else is doing; do what you think feels right? What happens to this idea when you grow up? You enter the workforce and it's entirely different, you're a shadow, you're not a person anymore, you're a slave to the importance of the dollar. I love smiling at people I don't know as I walk past them in the street, if they smile back I feel happy, and I hope they do too. I don't need to give them everything to make them happy, all I need to give this stranger is a simple smile. Why can't everything be that simple?

When fights were for fun, we had water in guns,
and a place we could call our own
How we lost hold of home, I guess I'll never know

The first line here, though I wasn't raised in a tough urban area, hits home. Even on the internet people fight. Fight, fight, fight. They fight because it's normal, we stand up for what we believe in the West. Freedom of speech is nice, but common sense isn't very common anymore. With more options for communication and more people without common sense, who hold grudges, who take things too far... It's a terrible big-bad-world to grow up into, and it's even reaching kids now. I loved that in my childhood, even though I was bullied, I could laugh, smile, forgive. Fights didn't have consequences. Kids have the upperhand because they're little and don't know better. Isn't ignorance simply bliss sometimes? I think so.

And when it's the end, our lives will make sense
We'll love, we'll bend, let's play pretend

This one is a bit of a shot in the dark, but it makes me think about the most important opinion I maintain on life, though it's probably childish. I want to enjoy my life. I want to be happy, I want to have fun. I don't understand why people endure hardships that they don't have to. I understand it more when it's a hiccup in a dream, but not when the lengthy path to the dream doesn't make you happy.

There's a lot I don't understand though, really. I'm not cut out for understanding things like that yet.

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