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Friday, May 02, 2008 @ 4:00 AM
Princess Challenge: May 2008

Find a little bit of beauty in every day. You can write about it, take photos, draw or record these beautiful things in a blog or journal. They can be anything from a little flower growing through the pavement to an act of great kindness that you witnessed. Each day, for a whole month, find something beautiful in the world around you.

Day 1 (26 May): Feeling someone else's excitement and accomplishment.
Day 2 (14 June): Feeling the excitement of a long awaited desire.
Day 3 (15 June): Tradition.
Day 4 (20 June): The power of suggestion; Disney.
Day 5 (21 June): The fresh morning air.
Day 6 (8 July): The power of love.
Day 7 (21 July): Skye's princess lessons. Optimism.
Day 8 (9 August): Nature. The sun, the flowers, the laid back attitude and the breeze.
Day 9 (10 August): Knowing you're loved.
Day 10 (16 August): Days spent with friends you hardly see.
Day 11 (18 August): The power of friendship.
Day 12 (19 August): Motivation; pupe.
Day 13 (20 August): "First"s.
Day 14 (22 August): The rare ability to poke good fun.
Day 15 (26 August): Nostalgia.
Day 16 (29 August): Playful secrets.
Day 17 (2 September): Sunny days watched from the shade.
Day 18 (6 September): Being able to let loose and be yourself.
Day 19 (9 September): Confidence.
Day 20 (29 September): Family ties.
Day 21 (3 October): Bringing the community together.
Day 22 (10 October): Smiles from people you don't know.
Day 23 (16 October): Childishness.
Day 24 (20 October): The little things that make you smile.
Day 25 (22 October): The idea that something small can make a huge impact. The world is small; even the littlest person can make a difference.
Day 26 (24 October): The gifts of wisdom, knowledge and experience that come from simply listening.
Day 27 (25 October): Jewelry!
Day 28 (31 October): Imagination. The top thing that will always make me smile.
Day 29 (8 November): Affirmations, and the feeling of joy that comes with knowing you are the person you want to be.
Day 30 (13 November): Animals. Specifically the Splendid Fairy-Wren. We saw them at the zoo; they are the most gorgeous bird I've ever seen.


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