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Sunday, October 25, 2009 @ 4:16 PM

Image care of We♥It

When writing this essay for university I began to wonder what teachers mean by getting an early start. I suppose they mean research, because I don't understand how you can "pace" writing an essay. I think, for my whole academic life, bodies of text have been written entirely in one sitting. I could write a plan before I write the essay, but if I space it out too long, I'll likely forget my train of thought and not be able to explain it very well, probably leading to an incoherent essay (not that my style of writing has ever been marked with the English-teacher stamp of approval, I don't like academic English, and lately just romantic languages in general have turned me off... English being similar enough to count). I'm awesome at leaving my essays to the last day! I don't think it's because I work better under pressure, and I was never really into that cool-person school trend of not doing homework. Au contraire, I love doing my work. I am constantly tuning my Japanese, I don't just want to pass Japanese, I want to learn the language. This other class is a different story. I'm not learning, I'm analysing... Well actually, apart from the book content, I've learned one thing: Never take English units again!

So continues my done-in-one-day assessment trend, I suppose. I don't get how else to do it, but whatever works for me as long as I pass. I hope I pass!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009 @ 7:13 PM
My Dream World

I read something I found quite interesting the other day, but didn't stop to think about it much. Not until I realised how true it held to myself, when I applied it to a class I take that I don't like.

It touched on how a lot of people judge, assume. We assume the person over there is This because of That, and if we never see them again, the impression will stick. Even among the open-minded, it's hard not to judge. Stereotypes make their way into society too well and we're all aware of them, being aware of it is enough for the subconscious mind to jump to a conclusion. But this, I knew. It's the part that emphasised leaving people or things as a clean, blank slate until you learn things about them rather than filling it in yourself. I was surprised at how foreign a concept that was to me when I really thought about it; surprised at how much I assume even though I'm aware that I don't know it. I tend to think when people (who are able to read my friends only journal) say they don't know me very well, that they're rather silly and - of course they know me well! But then reading this, I realised how little I do disclose, even in my emotion-filled gushes and my rants. I don't think many people really do know what's going on in my mind, could predict how I would react to a situation, what I would like (and I've been noticing that more when present-times come around ^^; ). I don't talk about what's going on in my mind a lot to people other than my boyfriend. It makes me feel like there's a lot to do in the world and not enough time to do it all, it makes it feel more exciting.

When it comes to people, as I explained to Craig - whom apparently I am a lot better at explaining to than I am explaining it to a blank text box, I tend to "pigeon-hole" groups of people. If this person reacted this way to that situation, and they have this, do that and think that way, another person who also has this, does that and thinks that way will probably react the same way. It's not stereotyping per se, as the people could be in completely different social stereotypes or just be different in general, but it's those experiences where I've witnessed similarities that I draw the expectation from. But why?

I take a particular class at university that I thought would teach me a lot about its specific subject-matter. I thought it would be interesting and wonderful. I made a lot of assumptions, and put aside what I potentially didn't like; I ignored it and decided to, essentially, conjure up my own perfect class to take that would be brilliant, it would be lovely and I would never be upset with it. Why did I do that? Why did I flat out deny the facts - automatically? Things like this really make me think, and as much as I think I'm learning about myself, I can't help but wonder whether I'll learn something that denies all my ideas' plausibility. But then, wouldn't I deny them?

Apparently I really love my dream world.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 @ 5:53 PM
Tea for... 12?

At the last Lolita meetup in Fremantle the Lolitas saw an expansion of the Pickled Fairy & Other Myths store (for kids :P). They hosted tea parties! We were all intrigued by this store, so we tried organising a tea party earlier this year but it flopped, so I picked it up again and organised it. Saturday was the day.

At the back on the left (standing) are Karlee and her friend. Sitting in front of them, Claire, and Bi in front of Claire.
Next to Claire is my boyfriend, Craig (with the bowtie!), and then me on his arm. The girl in pink next to me is Aly, and, next to her, her friend Pique(?). Behind them are Steph and Titty Matthew (with the hat!).
The girl at the front in the blue dress is Alice, she was our terribly exuberant host for this lovely Wonderland tea party! xD

Eugene stopped us crossing the road to take a picture. He's crazy! xD
We have a couple extra people in this picture who couldn't make it for the tea party. That is Emma in the red JSK with the lovely parasol, and Aurora with the top hat, behind Steph and Craig.

More pics @Prince Photography

I think this tea party was fun! It was quite obviously a children's function, but we're all big kids at heart, I think, so we had fun anyway. Not to mention the chocolate (unbirthday) cake was heavenly! And the Rosy tea I tried had a lovely sweet taste, I want to try find it for home. ^^

After the tea party we went to our local arcade (Timezone) and Craig and I took some purikura together~

How cute did these come out?! ♥

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Monday, October 12, 2009 @ 6:37 PM
I love ~


Things I don't like
  • Feeling stressed. I've been very disorganised lately, which sort of adds to it. I'm lucky though that I don't really have all that much piled up. It's just weighed upon in that my ability to cope is.. let's call it sub par and leave it at that, shall we? The stress is becoming a problem everywhere.
  • My family. This one really upsets me. Perhaps it's because I don't have a wonderful family that I want one so much, and that it isn't going to happen no matter how much I wish or what I do. I'm sure a lot of people have their own similar family problems, but this point is impeding on my ability to organise myself too, and that's rather frustrating to me.
  • The constant struggle between my interests and, relatedly, the odd end product of a mixture of these things. An example would perhaps be my writing style. I don't know if anybody else notices, but switching between girly squeals and a more composed tone looks odd! This is just one example, there's more to this point that I don't want to go into
  • My computer constantly freezing my browser with every click! No, go away, I want to USE that! Temporarily switching to Safari until I can download new Firefox I suppose. IE doesn't like me so, heh. My internet was capped due to sudden music splurge though, so so slow *sigh*
  • Essays. I'll admit it, I'm terrible at them. What Arts units can I do that don't require I do an essay? I can't find any! I'm doing a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese, not English =[ Alas, a BA is a BA no matter the major. *shakes fist*
Websites I love
  • Lolita Charm. Since Princess Portal was discontinued, I was really happy to find more blogs written by lifestyle lolitas. I'd never really looked before.. I just stuck with Princess Portal. Who knew Princess blogging was so common? From LC I found Miss Lumpy's blog, as well.
  • We It. This one seems to be doing its rounds in mentions. LC mentioned it and I've seen it mentioned in some other places as well, so I thought I would check it out. I found some really nice photos, like:

    click here for we♥it entry if the picture does not appear~

    But don't take my word, go see for yourself! Miss Lumpy wrote up a lovely entry regarding this site, complete with some very pretty pictures.
  • Cute Plush. This webstore hardly needs explaining, just go see!
Things I love
  • The holidays! Only 3 weeks left of classes before exams, then I'm tuition-free until March!
  • Last night I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Stardust Accelerator World Championship 2009 *takes a breath * and, after I learned how dueling works, I started getting really into it. There's a large following of Yu-Gi-Oh! card-game duelists here in Perth (a few of them play Pokémon competitively as well; the Pokémon fellowship (via Pokéclectic) is growing!), and I'm tempted to start playing. I'm stuck on a tutorial battle though; I can't figure out how to defeat DMG's Blue Eyes White Dragon! Blah
  • Sleepy snuggles on the bus after a mostly sleepless morning and a tedious lecture. I'm so happy my wonderful prince-y is in one of my classes.
  • Australian singer Lenka. Apparently she used to host Cheez TV, which I watched almost religiously as a child until it was cancelled for a less-cool "Toasted TV" segment *shakes fist again* but I don't remember Lenka. Regardless, she gives off a very Feist-like sound. I came across Feist on an iPod ad and actually really liked it, so I'm glad there's some Australian talent with a sound I pre-love. The Show is her most famous song, the music video for it really caught my eye, it's interesting!
  • Piano music. BoA's "Key of Heart" and Goo Hye Sun's "Down an Alley" are both really pretty. I think violins complement pianos; they amaze me too, because I cannot fathom how to make that beautiful sound with a violin myself. Wonder is wonderful.
  • Letters. I have a new pen pal named Morgan. I received a letter from her a little while ago, and sent one back to her. Her birthday is coming up, hmm!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009 @ 1:15 AM
Music - A second wind

I spent the better part of today on a new blogspot setup. When I first signed up to LiveJournal the Jrock scene was flourishing, so I joined in. I had a single playlist entry with everything inside on my main journal, which ended up with 70 upload request comments, making me quite proud but I decided then to use a journal I'd made but stopped using, and move all my entries to my main one to make room for my playlist. That journal is here. Today I decided that I'd make a new blogspot (since I love the customisation!) and use that for my playlist. I think it turned out wonderfully!

Check it out!

I'm still adding in artist sub-entries and such but the main gist of the system is obvious now.


haha aggressive little Jessica.

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Monday, October 05, 2009 @ 4:52 PM
Back to University

Not-so-study-free tuition-free week break ended yesterday. I missed both my Japanese classes the week before last, and I am well behind on my class reading for Myths and Legends, so I spent last week catching up (I even had to do the exam from a couple of weeks ago ). It wasn't very relaxing! But I don't mind, purely because we get a whole 3 month break over the Summer for Christmas! I can have time to be lazy and stuff then!

Thus anyway, of course, today was back to university. I have classes Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Today was Myths and Legends. Oh how sick of Arthurian legend I'm becoming! If I ever had a mind for English classes, I have lost it. I don't think I ever had one though, I always disagreed with a lot of the big points my teachers pointed out, dismissed them as unimportant, and preferred to concentrate on things they considered unimportant. I'd say I have a very un-English mind. Just need to pass this unit... then hopefully no more English units! I think I have one more Arts unit to take. I spoke about my woes over "Arts" in another entry sometime so I'll just make this really short: They aren't even artsy! Well I guess writing is pretty artsy, but essays aren't exactly what come to mind But I digress, as only one more unit!! I think I may have filled up all my level ones... In the entire 24 units I have to take (That's my major, 8 bachelor of arts units, and 8 whatever units) I can only do like... 10? 'level ones'. It doesn't help that none of the units tell you what level they are
On Friday I bought a new book for Japanese. We're using the (American) Yookoso! series, complete with text book, work book, CD to accompany both, and CD-Rom! I had to buy our second book, Continuing with Yookoso! as we'd finished Introduction to Yookoso! or whatever it's called $170 down the drainnnn and now I'm broke

After uni today Craig and I went to Utopia. I tried a watermelon snow, which was basically crushed watermelon, iced It wasn't bad, I like the taste of watermelon haha!

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Sunday, October 04, 2009 @ 8:53 PM
Korean Music

I've been taking a shine to Korean pop music lately. It's like Korea (and China!) are the new Japan or something, I dunno My prince introduced me to a girl band called Girls' Generation (SNSD/So Nyuh Shi Dae) a little while back, but I wasn't really interested at the time. Today we listened to a song by them called Gee @Youtube. I put it in my music player too I think their dancing is the most adorable thing! I found a torrent for the whole mini album and have Gee on repeat.

I have 내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I'm Stupid) by SS501 in my playlist too, thanks to the creator of this layout I'm starting to really really like Korean music! I'm thinking of spending more time over at Soompi too...

I'm so out of my music snob stage, so tired of being ashamed, embarrassed, closed-minded to the point of shutting myself out from specific types of music. Imagine how much I've missed out on (in happy measurement!) by being a snob for quality, talent, genuinity, all these silly prerequisites to be special enough to make it to my humble little playlist! I don't care if an artist is a jerk anymore, I don't care if the popstar can't sing and only lip syncs live (especially if she can dance!), I don't care if a computer made the sound I'm listening to; if I enjoy the sound, who damn well cares?!

I wish more people were of the opinion that music should be there to make you happy. It seems more people want to fight than enjoy it.

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@ 5:12 PM

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Saturday, October 03, 2009 @ 9:50 PM
Phoenix Down

I spent today revamping this blog in the hope I will use it more now. Since beginning to make all my posts friends only I think I've become totally paranoid about my blog privacy but not everything has to be private, surely

But! For now, I will be off, as I have a terrible headache and feel the pulling need to take a shower... So I will leave you with just this link, and a few mindless ramblings and random musings.

On Wednesday I set out to buy a new pen for a penpal letter, as the one I was using ran out of ink mid-sentence and I had none similar enough to continue. My nana had gone with my grandfather for a routine checkup at the hospital that day, and since they rely on public transport and the hospital is quite far, it turns out being a very long day for them both. Thus, I set out on foot. I headed down to cross the park, and as I was walking along the path into a more tree-filled area, a magpie tried to swoop me! I heard the wings flap hard together and covered up my head and kept walking worriedly... Then it did it again! So I screamed and started running away, hands still covering head, and I took my silk headband off on the way out of the park in case that was what the silly bird wanted.

A magpie tried to swoop me quite a while ago in the park across the road on the other side of the suburb once. I thought it wanted my shiny gold scrunchie, but I don't know. Both times I've had (a poor excuse for) blonde hair.. They never swoop me when I have black hair!

But wait, there's more to the story! Yesterday when I came home my uncle knocked on my door, and proceeded to tell me he had been swooped in the same park as I was on Wednesday earlier that day. His encounter was a lot worse than mine; the magpie plucked his hat off his head, and chased him through the park! He tripped a little on his shoe and hit his head on a metal bar on the way out the park. I suppose, feeling accomplished and satisfied, the magpie then left him alone.

How vicious this magpie is! We aren't going to touch your nest! And how worrying that this happens right next to a children's playground...

Oh, and by the way - Princess Challenges are no more! Skye has moved from princessportal.com to The Lost Princess.

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