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Tuesday, October 07, 2008 @ 5:43 PM

Skye and I went to our first ballet class at Terri Charlesworth last night. The instructor seemed very rigid and strict on the website and I was not looking forward to that! but she was good! She told us she'd let us fumble our way through this class and just do what we can. I pulled a few muscles and got terribly confused sometimes; I'd follow the first 10 or so steps she'd show us, and then when she showed us another several I'd forget the first few, which crippled my performance a little more amongst being completely new

I did ballet when I was very young for a while but quit because I was a total brat I regret quitting, it's very pretty! The more advanced Adult Beginners in the class did a kinda elaborate (for my untrained eye), pretty floor routine, 3 people at a time, one set after the other. There were 3 new people including us two... I wasn't paying attention to her instructions before (silly me...) so when she threw us out after the pretty more advanced students I was SO CONFUSED! Nonetheless, our classmates are incredibly nice. They complimented on turnout and said we were picking it up well and such

I'm not sure one lesson a week will be enough to build up enough muscle in my feet to go en pointe so once I'm a little better at the basics I'll probably try go Monday nights as well. I'll be more fit then... my goddd I'm SORE today! Not as sore as I was the first day after our Lucky Star practises, but still, sore. I will need to stretch daily after my showers from now on.

I don't expect to go en pointe anytime soon, but one day. I'd like to before I give up on ballet, if I do.

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