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Monday, September 07, 2009 @ 5:31 PM

I realise that I have perhaps neglected this blog much too often when I say it's going to be livelier, so I won't lie: I'm lazy and not very creative! So, blogging may not be my forté, and I give up! I do this with a lot of my sites, actually, because I have so many of them!

Thus, I've compiled a list of those I do maintain some level of activity on:
  • LiveJournal {duriretlan}
    Friends only, as it's a journal of mine that I use as such. I like to record my life and all the things that happen inside it should I ever want to look back, and I'm surprised how many times I actually do want to look back! I've had my profile for 4 years now, and have found a lot of lovely communities, and many, many of my current local friends through them, so LJ is special to me.
  • Facebook {sanyu.hime}
    Mainly to keep up with friends of past or those I don't see often. The mini-games and quizzes are quite fun to kill time with, too!
  • Kupika {Sanyu}
    I discovered this penpal site on a whim while procrastinating, and after I befriended one particular person, my popularity suddenly boomed and I became quite well-known, if only for my list of those who've stolen another person's pictures to pass as their own; my "Faker Patrol" page was infamous. It has since been removed from public eyes. My activity has died down, I've began to care less about what goes on and about educating others with what I do know, as I think I came off the wrong way. Still, I can't bring myself to delete.
  • PoupéeGirl {Sanyu-姫}
    PoupéeGirl is a Japanese website made to showcase all the brand-name and interesting products each user owns. You earn ribbons by uploading items and commenting, and dressing up consistently for X number of days. Ribbons buy you items for your poupée (french for doll), and selling them gets you more ribbons, or you can recycle them for shells, which can be tossed into a spring for a chance item. The game is fun, and might actually teach you something about economics! Reading some the community's posts about the フリマ (furima; free market), you find out that even this virtual game suffers from inflation! You can see my daily dressup on this blog at the bottom of my sidebar.
  • DeviantArt {Duriretlan}
    A lesser used profile of mine, but I do try to log in as frequently as possible, if only because my watched list builds up in new deviations and messages much too fast! I get pangs of interest here and there in art, and may or may not make something new. I don't usually post everything to DeviantArt; I don't usually think my icons, signatures, LJ layouts and profile layouts are quite appropriate... But this week I have had a pang, and I'm acting on that pang, so maybe - just maybe - I'll start doing digital line art soon.
  • IMVU {sanyuhime}
    I have been a member of IMVU for quite a time, but I disliked it because the site seemed messy and disorganised, and every time I was invited to chat it was a boy who wanted to cyber. I had no frequent users as friends on this website so I left it. Last week I deleted that profile and made a new one. I've been browsing around and have discovered Lolita communities, and Lolita clothing! IMVU sort of reminds me of the SIMS, in that you can modify items using their mesh and make new ones, you can make houses and furniture, all the modding aspects are very similar. I used to like toying with meshes in SIMS but I wasn't very good. I'd like to try my hand at it some time for IMVU to expand my Lolita wardrobe!
I have quite a few other websites as well, but these are the ones I use the most, I think. I would love to start up a website like Claire's or chama's when I have things to show. I already have my LJ, I don't need another blog! like this one or this one or anything else I have!

I do wish I could update this more often, however.

Until next time,



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