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Sunday, November 09, 2008 @ 2:03 PM
Background Image

I dislike the div credit floating on the top of any of my websites, so forgive me for taking that away, graphic owners! To make up for that lack of credit, I'll link to you! This is the specific background I am using, made by thecutestblogontheblock.com

I've recently made a new multiply profile. I like multiply!
My sparkly new profile is here!

Since there are a few people I know who use blogger, I thought I could blog a little every so often on here instead of abandoning it completely for my kupika, LiveJournal and multiply.. But not very often!

Things I've done lately:
  • Discovered lots of pretty Korean and Chinese pop music! I like sparkly boyband pop and ballads A LOT apparently
  • Baked a lot of cupcakes and yummy stuff ♥ Watch my recipes section on multiply.
  • Made progress on a lot of Princess Challenges hosted at the Princess Portal. My progress IS posted on my homepage, but just to make this blog more exclusive and special, I'll write up special entries for it later
  • Installed an international keyboard on my languages toolbar for Windows XP It allows me to type European letters like é or è or ü by typing 'e , `e or "u , respectively. Ask me if you're interested in doing this too. ^^ The bad thing about this is that sometimes my "s and 's don't show up! I have to press them numerous times or press the spacebar after it, and even then I'm not guaranteed the character every time it's still helpful though
  • Began training my laptop to recognise my voice to allow for speech-to-word dictation.
  • Started ballet... But stopped attending because the trip home was emotionally stressful for me. I'm trying to find a closer studio, and considering taking up figure skating as well, but I'm not sure about this because there's no public transport to the rink, I'd need to rely on my nana.
  • Stressed about when I'm going to get around to nagging nana to take me to Spotlight to gather materials for my Sakura cosplay for January!
  • Started and stopped playing Lineage II. Apparently I suck at MMORPGs once things can actually kill me

à bientôt


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