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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 @ 2:50 AM
I've been busy

I started university last Monday, the 9th of March, meaning I missed 2 weeks of work that I now aim to catch up on. I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Japanese, minoring in French. I’ve studied both of these languages briefly before and aim to become relatively fluent in them before I move on seriously to any other languages. However, I do want to study as many languages as possible before I die. Languages are amazing things, and can really open up new worlds, full of culture and recreation alike. I’ve been studying way too much lately to catch up, and feel guilty whenever my computer is on and I’m not doing something particularly productive
University is so intense! We’re starting kanji this week, already!

Lately I’ve been really into shojo. I mean really, really really. It’s no secret that shojo is my favourite genre, not just the concept applied to animé, I just love adorable romance shows. I finished Strawberry Panic recently (loved ittt!) and am resuming a really old torrent I have of Sailor Moon (original Japanese) now. I have Cardcaptor Sakura on DVD, but it’s a bootleg!

Another reason learning Japanese is beneficial, I suppose! I can’t wait to be able to understand the words as well as the cultural differences and read them for myself rather than as words on a screen!

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