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Saturday, April 18, 2009 @ 9:00 AM
New Things

Recently I bought a new, good quality camera. My old camera was a hand-me-down from my grandmother, and only about 3MP. As much as megapixels aren’t everything to look for in a decent to good quality camera, 3MP really shows the poor quality of the camera through the grainy photographs it produces. My new camera, though not a professional one by far, has 10.1MP and a 1600ISO, though I’ve heard it’s not advised to use both settings so high with this particular model. Nevermind, this is much, much better than my phone camera! I used to use my phone’s camera, but when I sold my phone for a new one, the new camera was lesser quality than the first one. I sold it to my nana, though, so I would often steal it for a few minutes if I wanted to take a photo for my poupéegirl account or Livejournal.

The days of this are gone, now! I’ve been busily taking photos of many things (mainly my jewellery, since the quality was just too poor to pick up the shine in my gold and silver without blurring the photo). Here are a few things from my flickr.~

Moon & Stars earrings Eiffel tower earrings Rainie-styled star earring

Golden pearl & diamond ring Golden diamond encrusted ring Golden charm bracelet

I imagine it’ll be a lot easier to complete the April Princess Challenge with this pretty new thing in my possession

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