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Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 6:34 AM
Princess Challenge: April 2009

For this month’s challenge I want you to look back in time, to your childhood memories. For many of us, being a Princess may have been a young girl’s dream and others may have been more keen on Pirates and the Great Outdoors. Still, that little girl is a part of your Inner Princess, her innocence and wonder, her dreams and imaginings. Take some time this April to get in touch with her. Dig up old photos and diaries, talk to your parents about what they remember of you as a child. If you still have them, look over your favourite toys and books. Visit old places you used to live and play. Get in touch with that younger self and what she loved, dreamed of and wished for. You may like to write about some memories or share photos of your favourite possessions or of your little self!
This challenge wants me to look at my childhood. I still live in the same house I did when I was 4, and I’m something of a hoarder so I still have a lot of things! Only recently have I been beginning to give or throw away any of my childhood joys. Currently I’m still gathering photos and taking pictures. Click here~
Perhaps I’ll write some stories if I can remember any !

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