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Monday, October 05, 2009 @ 4:52 PM
Back to University

Not-so-study-free tuition-free week break ended yesterday. I missed both my Japanese classes the week before last, and I am well behind on my class reading for Myths and Legends, so I spent last week catching up (I even had to do the exam from a couple of weeks ago ). It wasn't very relaxing! But I don't mind, purely because we get a whole 3 month break over the Summer for Christmas! I can have time to be lazy and stuff then!

Thus anyway, of course, today was back to university. I have classes Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Today was Myths and Legends. Oh how sick of Arthurian legend I'm becoming! If I ever had a mind for English classes, I have lost it. I don't think I ever had one though, I always disagreed with a lot of the big points my teachers pointed out, dismissed them as unimportant, and preferred to concentrate on things they considered unimportant. I'd say I have a very un-English mind. Just need to pass this unit... then hopefully no more English units! I think I have one more Arts unit to take. I spoke about my woes over "Arts" in another entry sometime so I'll just make this really short: They aren't even artsy! Well I guess writing is pretty artsy, but essays aren't exactly what come to mind But I digress, as only one more unit!! I think I may have filled up all my level ones... In the entire 24 units I have to take (That's my major, 8 bachelor of arts units, and 8 whatever units) I can only do like... 10? 'level ones'. It doesn't help that none of the units tell you what level they are
On Friday I bought a new book for Japanese. We're using the (American) Yookoso! series, complete with text book, work book, CD to accompany both, and CD-Rom! I had to buy our second book, Continuing with Yookoso! as we'd finished Introduction to Yookoso! or whatever it's called $170 down the drainnnn and now I'm broke

After uni today Craig and I went to Utopia. I tried a watermelon snow, which was basically crushed watermelon, iced It wasn't bad, I like the taste of watermelon haha!

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