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Saturday, October 03, 2009 @ 9:50 PM
Phoenix Down

I spent today revamping this blog in the hope I will use it more now. Since beginning to make all my posts friends only I think I've become totally paranoid about my blog privacy but not everything has to be private, surely

But! For now, I will be off, as I have a terrible headache and feel the pulling need to take a shower... So I will leave you with just this link, and a few mindless ramblings and random musings.

On Wednesday I set out to buy a new pen for a penpal letter, as the one I was using ran out of ink mid-sentence and I had none similar enough to continue. My nana had gone with my grandfather for a routine checkup at the hospital that day, and since they rely on public transport and the hospital is quite far, it turns out being a very long day for them both. Thus, I set out on foot. I headed down to cross the park, and as I was walking along the path into a more tree-filled area, a magpie tried to swoop me! I heard the wings flap hard together and covered up my head and kept walking worriedly... Then it did it again! So I screamed and started running away, hands still covering head, and I took my silk headband off on the way out of the park in case that was what the silly bird wanted.

A magpie tried to swoop me quite a while ago in the park across the road on the other side of the suburb once. I thought it wanted my shiny gold scrunchie, but I don't know. Both times I've had (a poor excuse for) blonde hair.. They never swoop me when I have black hair!

But wait, there's more to the story! Yesterday when I came home my uncle knocked on my door, and proceeded to tell me he had been swooped in the same park as I was on Wednesday earlier that day. His encounter was a lot worse than mine; the magpie plucked his hat off his head, and chased him through the park! He tripped a little on his shoe and hit his head on a metal bar on the way out the park. I suppose, feeling accomplished and satisfied, the magpie then left him alone.

How vicious this magpie is! We aren't going to touch your nest! And how worrying that this happens right next to a children's playground...

Oh, and by the way - Princess Challenges are no more! Skye has moved from princessportal.com to The Lost Princess.

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