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Monday, October 12, 2009 @ 6:37 PM
I love ~


Things I don't like
  • Feeling stressed. I've been very disorganised lately, which sort of adds to it. I'm lucky though that I don't really have all that much piled up. It's just weighed upon in that my ability to cope is.. let's call it sub par and leave it at that, shall we? The stress is becoming a problem everywhere.
  • My family. This one really upsets me. Perhaps it's because I don't have a wonderful family that I want one so much, and that it isn't going to happen no matter how much I wish or what I do. I'm sure a lot of people have their own similar family problems, but this point is impeding on my ability to organise myself too, and that's rather frustrating to me.
  • The constant struggle between my interests and, relatedly, the odd end product of a mixture of these things. An example would perhaps be my writing style. I don't know if anybody else notices, but switching between girly squeals and a more composed tone looks odd! This is just one example, there's more to this point that I don't want to go into
  • My computer constantly freezing my browser with every click! No, go away, I want to USE that! Temporarily switching to Safari until I can download new Firefox I suppose. IE doesn't like me so, heh. My internet was capped due to sudden music splurge though, so so slow *sigh*
  • Essays. I'll admit it, I'm terrible at them. What Arts units can I do that don't require I do an essay? I can't find any! I'm doing a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese, not English =[ Alas, a BA is a BA no matter the major. *shakes fist*
Websites I love
  • Lolita Charm. Since Princess Portal was discontinued, I was really happy to find more blogs written by lifestyle lolitas. I'd never really looked before.. I just stuck with Princess Portal. Who knew Princess blogging was so common? From LC I found Miss Lumpy's blog, as well.
  • We It. This one seems to be doing its rounds in mentions. LC mentioned it and I've seen it mentioned in some other places as well, so I thought I would check it out. I found some really nice photos, like:

    click here for we♥it entry if the picture does not appear~

    But don't take my word, go see for yourself! Miss Lumpy wrote up a lovely entry regarding this site, complete with some very pretty pictures.
  • Cute Plush. This webstore hardly needs explaining, just go see!
Things I love
  • The holidays! Only 3 weeks left of classes before exams, then I'm tuition-free until March!
  • Last night I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Stardust Accelerator World Championship 2009 *takes a breath * and, after I learned how dueling works, I started getting really into it. There's a large following of Yu-Gi-Oh! card-game duelists here in Perth (a few of them play Pokémon competitively as well; the Pokémon fellowship (via Pokéclectic) is growing!), and I'm tempted to start playing. I'm stuck on a tutorial battle though; I can't figure out how to defeat DMG's Blue Eyes White Dragon! Blah
  • Sleepy snuggles on the bus after a mostly sleepless morning and a tedious lecture. I'm so happy my wonderful prince-y is in one of my classes.
  • Australian singer Lenka. Apparently she used to host Cheez TV, which I watched almost religiously as a child until it was cancelled for a less-cool "Toasted TV" segment *shakes fist again* but I don't remember Lenka. Regardless, she gives off a very Feist-like sound. I came across Feist on an iPod ad and actually really liked it, so I'm glad there's some Australian talent with a sound I pre-love. The Show is her most famous song, the music video for it really caught my eye, it's interesting!
  • Piano music. BoA's "Key of Heart" and Goo Hye Sun's "Down an Alley" are both really pretty. I think violins complement pianos; they amaze me too, because I cannot fathom how to make that beautiful sound with a violin myself. Wonder is wonderful.
  • Letters. I have a new pen pal named Morgan. I received a letter from her a little while ago, and sent one back to her. Her birthday is coming up, hmm!

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