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Sunday, October 25, 2009 @ 4:16 PM

Image care of We♥It

When writing this essay for university I began to wonder what teachers mean by getting an early start. I suppose they mean research, because I don't understand how you can "pace" writing an essay. I think, for my whole academic life, bodies of text have been written entirely in one sitting. I could write a plan before I write the essay, but if I space it out too long, I'll likely forget my train of thought and not be able to explain it very well, probably leading to an incoherent essay (not that my style of writing has ever been marked with the English-teacher stamp of approval, I don't like academic English, and lately just romantic languages in general have turned me off... English being similar enough to count). I'm awesome at leaving my essays to the last day! I don't think it's because I work better under pressure, and I was never really into that cool-person school trend of not doing homework. Au contraire, I love doing my work. I am constantly tuning my Japanese, I don't just want to pass Japanese, I want to learn the language. This other class is a different story. I'm not learning, I'm analysing... Well actually, apart from the book content, I've learned one thing: Never take English units again!

So continues my done-in-one-day assessment trend, I suppose. I don't get how else to do it, but whatever works for me as long as I pass. I hope I pass!

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