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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 @ 5:53 PM
Tea for... 12?

At the last Lolita meetup in Fremantle the Lolitas saw an expansion of the Pickled Fairy & Other Myths store (for kids :P). They hosted tea parties! We were all intrigued by this store, so we tried organising a tea party earlier this year but it flopped, so I picked it up again and organised it. Saturday was the day.

At the back on the left (standing) are Karlee and her friend. Sitting in front of them, Claire, and Bi in front of Claire.
Next to Claire is my boyfriend, Craig (with the bowtie!), and then me on his arm. The girl in pink next to me is Aly, and, next to her, her friend Pique(?). Behind them are Steph and Titty Matthew (with the hat!).
The girl at the front in the blue dress is Alice, she was our terribly exuberant host for this lovely Wonderland tea party! xD

Eugene stopped us crossing the road to take a picture. He's crazy! xD
We have a couple extra people in this picture who couldn't make it for the tea party. That is Emma in the red JSK with the lovely parasol, and Aurora with the top hat, behind Steph and Craig.

More pics @Prince Photography

I think this tea party was fun! It was quite obviously a children's function, but we're all big kids at heart, I think, so we had fun anyway. Not to mention the chocolate (unbirthday) cake was heavenly! And the Rosy tea I tried had a lovely sweet taste, I want to try find it for home. ^^

After the tea party we went to our local arcade (Timezone) and Craig and I took some purikura together~

How cute did these come out?! ♥

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