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Monday, November 09, 2009 @ 9:38 AM
Pokémon is Intense

On Saturday I went with a bunch of nerds..Pokémon trainers .. guys... X) to a Pokéclectic meetup. On Friday Craig (he's an admin on their forums) made me a few competitive pokés and devised 2 team strategies with the other admin for me, as I haven't looked at Pokémon theory in over a year, and back then it was a lot less developed! How strange that such a simple game can be so seriously competitive and strategic!

Australia is hosting an event until the 16th at select EB Games stores: they're giving Arceus away! Arceus is the "God" legendary Pokémon.

yuck xD

I played only 2 battles. Pokéclectic play 3v3 battles in Standard Cup tournament rules, and on top of that have a "best out of three" system. I won my first battle against member Jester, he won the next, so the next was a tie breaker and I won :P But it was like Craig and Daniel (he's super into it!) were playing, not me ^^;
The next I played was a multi-battle. I was on Toshiya's team and Daniel was on a team with "xXSweepXx". You can see that battle here if you're interested:

We got pretty lucky really! My Pokémon are Starlet (Starmie), Snooze (Snorlax) and Nimbus (Spiritomb) in this battle.

Not sure if I want to keep up competitive battling, I guess I'll dabble.

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