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Thursday, December 11, 2008 @ 7:21 PM
Princess Challenge: December 2008

The Holiday season is upon us now, and whether you’re looking forward to celebrating a white Christmas or a warm, sunny one like I am, it is certainly the season for giving. This December for our Princess Challenge we’re going to take that giving spirit a little further and participate in a Charity. Whether you choose to volunteer, donate food or gifts, help raise funds or spread awareness, you can take part in a Charity of your choice and share your experience with us.
I've had my old school uniforms from middle school (years 8 to 10, so.. 3-5 years old) hanging up in my closet for ages. They're all in really good condition still, too. I never wore my bathers, had 2 or 3 clean skirts, 2 dresses, one scarf, a tie, a blazer, 2 or 3 shirts, a pair of pants, my school bag, so much stuff I've horded for so long haha. Earlier this week we took all of that (besides the bathers, nana didn't want to give them away anyway... I dunno why, they're BRAND NEW.. never been in water. Ever.) to the school to give to someone (or various someones) who might have needed them for next year. There was a girl who got most of it I think, and she was so happy! Her mum was stressing out worrying about how she was going to afford her uniforms next year, and I guess Christmas coming up doesn't help the budget.. she was SO SO SO GRATEFUL to get all of that.

I wasn't going to do the December Princess Challenge... but I think I'll count this toward it. It feels good to help someone who needs it.


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