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Friday, January 01, 2010 @ 8:07 PM
Limit Lines

Image care of We♥It

Maybe it's just me, but I want to look nice, even in outlandish clothes and styles. If I know I look nice, I feel good.

Now, with that said - I don't like it when people tell me to "wear what I want" if I ask "does this suit me?", or "does this make my ____ look ____?"
Maybe it's a girl thing hammered into us from popular culture that feminism is rejecting or something, I don't know, but personally, when I ask those questions I am not fishing for compliments, I don't want to be told "it looks great!" if it doesn't - I want to pick things that flatter me.

If I love something but my figure, face or stature just doesn't do it justice, I'm quite happy admiring it on others rather than looking silly and lying to myself.

So, why do people swear by wearing what they want, even if it doesn't suit them?

To me, limitations like this don't feel awfully limiting, especially in a world that's beginning to encourage people to love the body they're in. Why have such double standards? To say love your body, but then encourage people not to flatter it? I suppose it relates to the business ideals in the West - sell, do what you can to sell, do what you have to to sell, lie to this person convincingly enough and they'll believe it themselves.

This feels more limiting to me, actually. It makes me feel like I can't trust people to give me their opinions. People are very sensitive to differing opinions and tact is a distant memory. Even I'm quite sensitive as I've fallen back into my safe zone, but if I try to get out there and ask people what they think, I wish they'd tell me.

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