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Friday, February 05, 2010 @ 2:44 PM

Image care of We♥It, from Enchanted

There is an abundance of good things in this world. While we may not agree upon the value of something unanimously, one persons trash can be another persons treasure easily. Humans want to be happy; we strive for betterance, provided it meets our personal morals and doesn't cross our moral boundaries.

However, there is still a stigma, markedly in the younger generations away from business life, or in the limelight of fame, about being "selfish". You know selfishness, everybody does. If you're a sympathetic person you probably frequently find it hard to make decisions to benefit yourself if it has any potential to harm someone else.

But what about those decisions that don't harm anybody in particular? Take, for example, having children because you simple want them, or wanting to look better for yourself? What about striving to improve your art, your voice --or any of your talents-- in the hope you'll one day be good enough to compete in the industry you endeavor to enter, when it's finally time to pack your bags and leave home to fend for yourself, away from college life and family comforts.

Everybody grows up, everybody wants different things, everybody wants to be happy. So what, therefore, are the limits to moral selfishness? What do you think, personally? Is it too much to want excitement, magic, adventure? Pointless contentedness, little comforts?

I was surprised when I found that a lot of people look down upon those who strive for their dreams and goals. I was actually quite appalled. On Lolita Charm, there was mention of a mother truly fearful that her child was interested in Disney princesses. I don't think I could ever live without hopes and dreams, and a little bit of magic to make me sparkle.

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